Professional Experience

Research Assistant [Fall 2020 - Summer 2023]

1. Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Distribution of PPP Loans in Austin [Download]
2. Reliability and the Texas Power Grid in the Aftermath of Winter Storm Uri [Download]
3. Climate Change and Carbon Management: Has the U.S. Transcended Partisanship? [Download]
4. Texas Lottery Commission Survey [Download]

5. Health Access, Vulnerability and Segregation [Download]
6. Winter Storm Uri [Download]
7. Affordable Housing Project
8. Geothreomal System and Community Benefit

Data Manager for SAM project GitHub
Supervisor: Prof. Steven Craig
[Summer 2020, Summer 2021]
SAM project: Long Range Small Area Population Forecasts for the Houston Metropolitan Region
Collect government fiscal data, population data and employment data, and construct a dataset  that covers four decades and includes about 3,000 counties and 35,000 local governments.

Research Fellow for World Inequality Database (WID) [Link]
Ministry of Finance, Taiwan
[Feb 2017 -June 2017]
The research team provides public and convenient access to the largest database available on the historical development of the world distribution of income and wealth.

Source: World Inequality Database (WID)